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Advent Financial Services involves an extremely knowledgeable team of advisors headed by Joseph Tansey and Angeli Forster. Their purpose is to help you fully realize which wealth management planning strategies are available to fit your investment desires. With a local team of professional advisors, you can quickly get answers as to how your portfolio is doing, how they're keeping inflation in check, or if there are new risk management strategies available.

Advent Financial Services specializes in a global approach to financial planning, retirement planning, asset allocation, portfolio risk management, income & investment consulting, cash management, mutual fund & annuity research, insurance, estate planning and long term care planning.

At times clients concerns are raised about how rising expenses affect their overall retirement funds; or how changing tax laws can impact IRA's and beneficiaries. Rest assured, Advent Financial Services is here to help address these types of questions and many others you have.

Call or email for a free retirement plan evaluation and portfolio analysis: Joseph Tansey: 858-654-1025 or jtansey@sagepointadvisor.com, Angeli Forster: 858-654-1024 or aforster@sagepointadvisor.com

SagePoint Financial. Inc. is a full service Broker-Dealer, comprised of a team of professionals whose knowledge, skills, insight and ingenuity make them among the top talent in the industry. They put that talent to work for around 1,500 financial representatives like Joseph and Angeli everyday.

SagePoint Financial. Inc. is a FINRA registered Broker-Dealer and functions as the "back office" for Angeli's team. All securities and investment products are offered through SagePoint Financial. Inc.. Angeli's team hold their securities licenses through SagePoint Financial, Inc. and accordingly coordinate regulatory and compliance activities through them.

Portfolio Management

  • Investment Manager Research
  • Investment Policy / Objectives
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
  • Stock Research
  • Mutual Fund Research
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Portfolio Risk Evaluation

IRA / Retirement Services*

  • Tax Withholding
  • Checking / MasterCard / Platinum Account
  • Online Account Services
  • Trust Accounts

Financial Planning Services

  • Retirement Planning
  • Portfolio Advisory Services
  • Insurance Analysis
  • Wealth Preservation Planning
  • Children Educational Funding
  • Intergenerational Planning

*Services provided through a qualified custodian

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